"HENRY-GOR" CO. LTD. is located in Yerevan the capital of Republic of Armenia.
The company disposes production facilities both in Yerevan (over 25,000 square meter) and Sevan (over 1,500 square meter).
The equipment used in production are from Russia, Yugoslavia and Finland.
The company is using aluminum containers with special coating. The guaranteed shelf life of products in the above-mentioned containers is 2 years. Also, in the production are introduced "easy-pull top" type lids, allowing the opening of cans without a can opener.
Mainly Sevan Sig and Trout - the most wide spread kinds of fishes in Armenia, are used in the products of HENRY-GOR CO. LTD. The fish is caught in the waters of the high mountain (more than 1,900 meters above the sea level), pure freshwater lake Sevan that is "the pearl" of Armenia, and in the ponds of Ararat valley.
The use of only natural components in the process of production gives a unique taste to the product.
We use the best tomatoes, pure sunflower oil, and white wine from the grapes grown in Ararat valley under the effulgent sun of Armenia.
No preservatives or color additives are used in the products of HENRY-GOR CO. LTD.
Before the product reaches the customer, it passes through a 25 to 45 day technological period of ageing, which guarantees the high quality of the product and safety for the entire shelf life.
The quality meets all the current standards (State Standards).
The production of HENRY-GOR CO. LTD. is in demand in the local market and is being exported to Russia, CIS countries and USA.

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